Public Works

Cavern, 2023, cast aluminum, 8 x 13 x 8′

A Path Forward, 2020

Utah State Capitol Collection, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Site-specific, interactive sculpture installation with materials using stainless steel, cast bronze, and constructed pathway.  Approximate dimensions: 8’ x 10’ x 25’.  Artist team collaboration with Kelsey Harrison.  Commissioned by Better Days 2020 Foundation.

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“Wave” 2020, Stainless steel, 50 x 48 x 96″

Haiku Fence, 2018

Bountiful Davis Art Center, Bountiful, Utah.  Medium and description: permanent sculpture in aluminum (approximate dims. 3’ h x 7’ w x 5’ d).  Community-based project working with local youth through summer workshops in conjunction with a Welding Camp for Girls program at Weber State University.  17 participants created short poems that perforate aluminum plate using water-jet cutting.

Play, 2017, brick.  Sternhill Park, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Believe Green, 2012. Manhattan Beach Civic Center, CA. Solar powered interactive sign with motion sensor.